• Hendrix Herndon posted an update 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    I stained my suede shoes at work with…..

    ferragamo belt outlet :-(?

    I used to be consuming cheese %26amp; honey sandwich earlier (Its yummy) at work, %26amp; as a result of it was heated, the honey was watery! As I was eating, I dropped honey on my wool high, my white shirt, all the way in which through on my skirt, stocking, and at last a substantial quantity of honey landed on my new Salvatore Ferragamo suede %26amp; leather footwear 🙁

    I cleaned every little thing fine, the highest, shirt, skirt, and the stockings! I even removed honey from the leather a part of my shoe… but I am just hesitatnt to scrub it off the suede part! I dont want to spoil! I eliminated the surplus honey from it, but once i touched it it was still sticky!

    Its 11:30AM now! I dont go away work in the present day till 3:30PM. Does anyone have a suggestion to do something for now (remember I’m at work, I haven’t any gadgets right here)! I will not clean it by myself… I’m taking it to a professional shoe cleaners, however what would I do from now till finish of work day!

    I love my shoes! All of them! I hate to destroy them! Specially this one!! Its kinda new! 🙁 Help!!!|||If folks can see your footwear while you are working, I might do nothing until you can go to a professional. In case your ft are hidden from view, I might take them off and put them in a plastic bag to try to keep the honey from drying and getting caught even worse. You probably have acxcess to a sizzling air hand dryer you could possibly attempt placing an absorbent layer or two of fabric over the spot, and heating it gently so it can possibly remelt and go into the absorbent cloth. I wouldn’t use paper towels for this.


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